Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Armored Core Alicia Unsung - revised

Here's another completed project - Armored Core Alicia Unsung. I had this kit during the early days of my plastic modeling hobby and to tell you honestly, I wasn't really happy with the output. So I decided to apply some techniques I recently learned.
Here's the image of the old Alicia Unsung - Assembled and added with a little touch of dry brushing for a weathered look. It looked nice for me way back then and I think that was my best at that time. A few model kits later, I learned more tips from seasoned artists and I decided to tear this kit apart.

For this model kit, I used the following items:
- Air Brush
- Vallejo Grey Primer
- Vallejo Ferrari Red - whole color scheme
- Vallejo Black Metal - for the weapons
- Vallejo Chrome - weapon detail/highlights
- Tamiya Gold Leaf - body highlights
- Vallejo Rust - details and highlights
- Winsor and Newton Ivory Black and Vandyke Brown - for Washes
- Winsor and Newton Galleria Gloss Varnish for top coat.

I also learned a very important lesson here:
Patience is key. Always remember that an artwork should never be rushed. 
A few years ago, I was excited to finish more model kits in a short span of time. Little did I know that I won't be satisfied with the outcome up to a point where I will not be proud enough to display my work on the display cabinet.
I took Alicia Unsung from its 2-year slumber and I immediately know what to do. I cleaned all the parts thoroughly and I did not stop until I was satisfied. It took me roughly 2 weeks just to clean up the parts and the reward was great - a seamless paint job.

So here's the finished product - the Revised Armored Core Alicia Unsung.

Thank you for viewing, 'til next update!


Hello! Just want to ask how did you cover the seam lines. Thank you!

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