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Friday, November 23, 2012

Upcoming GunPla kits for 2013 - Prepare your Wallet!

So many Gundams. So little time... While I'm still waiting to get my hands on the recently released MG Aegis Gundam and RG Zeta Gundam, Bandai announced their upcoming model kits for 2013. Based from what I saw, it's going to be another exciting plastic-modeling-wallet-emptying year for me. I've got my eye on a couple of units and I've listed them here (as a wishlist). Credits to GundamGuy for the images.

First up, the HG 1/144 Astray Blue Frame 2nd Rev.
Astray Gundam designs are cool...at least for me. I got the MG 1/100 version - my 2nd MG- of the Blue frame sometime in 2010. I really liked the overall design esp. the Tactical Arms (that huge sword thing). But for an HG version, I'm quite skeptical. I personally do not like the Gundam Seed models on HG due to a lot of reasons (proportion, seam lines, lots of seam lines, etc). If the HG Blue frame will "recycle" the old HG Astray designs (same mold patterns as Astray Red, Blue and Green), I certainly will NOT get this. But if they can do something as cool as the M1 Astray, I will definitely save up for one.

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