Monday, October 15, 2012

WIP: MG Deathscythe Hell pt 3 - Active Cloak and Wet Sanding

I was able to finish the whole Deathscythe Hell!

Too pics for the Active Cloak assembly.

Here are some images of the finished snap-fitted Deathscythe Hell Gundam.
I wanted to take photos before I tear this beast down.

The beam scissors! (how about a "beam scythe" instead?)

Everything was easy to disassemble. This is probably my first time disassembling a Master Grade kit without breaking up a peg...or a joint.

Up next will be the most boring
After a day and a half of wet sanding, I was able to clean all of the parts. It really is boring!
Time to hit the sack. I'm going to leave this monster to dry and tomorrow, the fun part will commence.

Til next update. Thanks for dropping by!


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