Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Hauls - Legend Gundam and Frame Arms!

I got some real nice weekend hauls here. I went out yesterday to get some fresh air (and Gunpla) and bought some cool stuff back home.

First in my list - The 1/100 Legend Gundam. I've been looking for this kit for quite some time now. I got it at a pretty decent price and I think it was worth it. The Destiny Gundam will now have a partner!
Next up was a tool. From Mr. Hobby - the Mr. Laplos Polishing Cloth. I got interested because I've been planning to create a mirror gloss finish on some of my kits. This tool says it can create that finish by wet-sanding. We'll see about that soon.
Last but not the least. Here's something new! A model kit from Frame Arms made by Kotobukiya. Now, I have no idea what Frame Arms is all about. It's a plastic model kit and it looked pretty interesting for me so I took one. The box has a pre-built frame - which I will show in just a few moments.
Going back to the Legend Gundam, I noticed something new. This model kit has an action base included! I'm not sure if this was a standard release but that really was a cool feature.
Alright, it's time to see what's inside the Frame arms box...
Here are the runners. It was half the size of the box and smaller compared to BANDAI - Gundam runners.
This is the most interesting part - a pre-built Frame. All of the other parts will serve as its armor.

Here's the manual. The overall design would look like a GM Cannon.
So let's see what this thing can do.

I started by playing around with the Frame. As a Gundam REAL GRADE lover, I wanted to see if this frame can catch up with BanDai's design.
I can tell that it has some pretty good articulation!

The joints are quite loose and will fall off easily when pushed to its limits. Nevertheless, it can still do amazing poses.

(The head looked like Master Chief from HALO!)

Talking about balance.

I can say that this frame is unique in its own ways. Not bad at all.

That's all for testing. I'd like to build this thing immediately but I noticed something.
The frame has nub marks all around the obvious areas! Now I'm going to clean all of these before I start snap-fitting - which is quite boring.
See that?
I'm going to box this kit for a while and perhaps start with the Legend Gundam first.

The MG Deathscythe Hell is still in drying mode so I guess I have plenty of time to snap-fit the Legend.

Let's go!

Thanks for dropping by!


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