Sunday, October 21, 2012

WIP: MG Deathscythe Hell pt 4 - Painting!

Time to paint! Weekend is here and the sky allowed me to do some paint job for my Commissioned work - the MG Deathscythe Hell!

I already went ahead and started with the Active cloak. As you can see in the picture, the left side was already coated with Vallejo Air Black. The other side is primed and waiting for the paint job. I just wanted to make sure that the Black will settle perfectly before covering the entire thing.
Guess what... with Vallejo paints, you can never go wrong. I love the finish. It was so smooth and clean!
Moving on with the rest of the parts, I already sprayed them with Vallejo Black, and the rest was finished with a custom mixture. The Deathscythe manual says - 75% gray and 25% purple. I only got a German Gray, Fire Red and Blue so I need to recreate that color to meet client expectations.

I was able to achieve the colors by using 60% German Grey, 38% White and 1.5% red, and a pinch of blue. I was happy with the results!

And that's all for now. The internal frame will be painted with metallics soon. Meanwhile, I have some  spare time to build another Gunpla while waiting for the paint to dry.

Thanks for dropping by.


Hi may I know how you placed multiple parts on the skewer? I find that a really efficient way of painting gunpla parts.

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