Thursday, May 3, 2012

WIP: 1/100 MG Gundam 00 Raiser - Assembly

Here's my latest WIP, the MG 1/100 Gundam 00 Raiser from the Gundam 00 series. I admit, I'm already a year behind with this model. But my excitement is still up and let's just say I'm saving the best for last. This is actually one of my favorite Gundams and when Bandai released the MG version, I immediately looked for one. The best part - I got it at a cheaper price from a forum. For whatever reasons, I kept the 00 Gundam under my worktable...untouched.

Anyways, here's my assembly/review for the 1/100 MG Gundam 00 Raiser.

Head Unit:
- I think the green thingy was designed to allow light (from LED unit) to pass  through and create the glowing eyes effect...not bad.

Head Unit done.
Body Unit.

I noticed that the frame was almost similar to MG Gundam Exia in terms of joint-gimmicks.
...add the Shoulder joints.,

Pilot seat complete. Notice that I never paint any of these pilots in my MG collection. My reason? ...hmmm maybe next time.
Pilot seat - hatch

Torso complete.
Joints for the arms?

Elbow joints... make two of these..

..add the armor pieces...

...and the hand, then you get these...
Upper body almost complete...
Shoulder armor - frame.

The following day...

I started working on the feet..
Excellent design on the ankle joints, I see.

Hip joints...
Some more frame for the legs..

Armor pieces for the legs.,

Leg done... you make two of these.,
that's it! (Damn, it's night again! WIP will be continued tom)
Skirt unit...

This is the completed 00 Gundam.

(notice the black rectangular stuff behind - these were my hard drives life's work...)

GN Drives!
...GN Condensers!
I just need some more batteries to power up the drive's LED unit...

Next up, the backpack!

This is where we insert the GN Drives.

This is the entire backpack assembly.

00 Gundam complete!

(Two units were watching behind... thats the MG GP03 and its Core Fighter. More images of this beast soon)


I was too excited to start the Raiser that I forgot the take some pictures..

Side binders assembly...

...four of these...

Raiser complete!
GN Sword III Complete!
This is my workstation. I usually watch movies while assembling a model kit.

Now it's time to take some pictures.

Gundam 00 Extras!
We have the pilots., GN tanks,
.,some landing gears for Raiser, extra hands,.
Foil stickers, Dry transfers and stickers...(didn't like them much)
LED Unit! The box included only one LED Unit but the entire 00 Gundam needed at least BANDAI!! Y U so generous!
Beam saber and GN Sword effects.... (that I usually don't use)

That's all for today. Painting sessions will be put on hold. I still have to assemble my custom spray booth. (and acquire new set of paints.)

Thank you for viewing. Have a nice day!


Need ur help, I can't fix my armor part on the leg. (Rear side armor) because it blocked by the grey side rectangle parts.(refer to Your picture no 40. The 2 parts which at the lower corner) please advice me.

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