Sunday, May 29, 2011

Armored Core - Rayleonard 04-Alicia Unsung

Another addition to my Armored Core model kits. This is my 3rd AC entry.
I remembered having this kit together with the Nine Ball Seraph sometime in last quarter of 2010.

The Box Art.

I read this mecha came from "Armored Core For Answer" - a PS3 video game (I never played the game though). The reason I bought this kit is because I was amazed at the details and primarily, its weapons! In addition to the cool colours, it stands at approximately 18cm, shorter than Nine Ball, yet bigger than the Mirage. It also features a different set of legs - the Reversed Joint.

- Snap fit parts, yet plastic cement may be required for a few parts
- polycaps for joints
- a little bit of painting will be required if you wanted it to be accurate to its video game counterpart (I did not paint mine)
- This is also another straight-build, no modifications on parts and accessories.
- Dry-brushing for metal scratches ( I used Tamiya Enamel - Gun Metal)

Here are some of the images of the completed figure. For comparison purposes, I included Mirage in the pictures.


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