Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snap-fitting a 1/60 Gundam - Wing Gundam Zero

Gundam Wing Zero...this guy is HUGE!
It's another great week and I can't paint using my Airbrush (due to other important stuff). All I can do was to snap-build any kit I chose under my worktable and for today's update, I'll share my first 1/60 model kit - The Wing Zero Gundam.
As a background, I remember it was November 2010 when I began my interest in Master Grade line of model kits...I already built my MG 1/100 Gundam Wing 01 and I was looking for a Master Grade version of Wing Zero. And I found...nothing! All I saw was the Endless Waltz version.
A couple of months later, I saw the 1/60 scale series.,.and more months later, I finally took one.

Alright, enough with the talking. Let the pictures tell you the story. Enjoy!

Box Art.
Manual and contents.

I finally finished the main body. It's really HUGE!

I took some models for comparison purposes.
From Left to Right:
- 1/60 Gundam Wing Zero
- 1/100 RX-78 GP02FB
- 1/144 0 Gundam

On to finishing the kit.

Backpack completed!

And were done! Look at the size of this thing.

Now I'm more excited to hunt down the 1/60 scale models. This was not Perfect Grade by the way.

Thank you for viewing.


Thanks Boss!

Nice to see the contents..

nice work...its good to see that you post how to assemble the staff i have also this kind of model..its good to have this model...also the gundam walts zero PG i have it maybe nxt time i will post it...

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