Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kotobukiya Option Parts and a Good Business

In line with my Blaze Zaku Phantom project, I ordered some Kotobukiya Custom Parts from a hobby shop in Malaysia. For today's article, I'm going to share my experience with the hobby shop called "Hobbies Corner".

I've been searching for plastic model kit custom parts for quite some time now and so far I found nothing at our local hobby shops. I did some research and stumbled upon DC23's blog regarding the arrival of his MSG packs. He mentioned a shop called Hobbies Corner and his good experience with the transaction. I was really interested in acquiring some custom model kit parts that I decided to follow DC23's advice.

DC23 said:
"The process of ordering is very very simple...you just have to get an account at hobbiescorner and shop away! BTW, you also have to get a paypal account to pay for the goods..."

And so I did. I browsed Hobbies corner page and found lots of useful items for plastic modeling. Items such as (but not limited to) decals, air brush and compressor, paints and upgrade parts - kotobukiya.
"Jackpot", I said with excitement and I immediately placed my orders at approximately 20 packs of custom parts. By the way, based on my experience, please use Internet Explorer while placing your orders. Google Chrome has issues with "add to cart" and checking out.

After placing my orders, someone from Hobbies corner emailed me for the method of payment. As soon as payment was confirmed they shipped the products to my homebase - Date: July 29, 2011.

Today, August 2, 2011, I received my package from Hobbies Corner. (That was fast!). It was delivered by a smoking man armed with complaints and rants about our home address. The delivery man kept on ranting about a duplicate house number nearby and kept on mentioning that we should add a "EXT" on our address plus the fact that calling our home was a waste on his prepaid phone credits - such a cheap-as* - and If he doesn't have a phone at that moment he will ship my orders back to Malaysia.
I remained silent as I happily receive my orders (but at the back of my mind I said, "Oh come on man, don't be like that...you found me already! If I had a rock I would bust your head, bit**"). PEACE!!

As I said, I was happy that my orders arrived faster that expected. I went to my day job and examined my package.

...from POSLAJU National Courier, delivered by Kha Chee Lam.
"Extremely Urgent"

It really is.. haha
And their punchline "Speed, Reliable, Anywhere"

HobbyOwYeah agrees 100%.
Packed properly with a bubble wrap and a pair of card board for extra protection.
It was even sealed with heavy packaging tape!

Here are my orders!
Teary eyed as I checked each and every pack...

And there you have it!

Highly recommended source of Option parts for your model kits. The site is easy to use. The service is reliable with fast delivery. Your package will arrive in good condition. I call it good business.

Thank you Hobbies Corner!


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