Friday, February 22, 2013

RG 1/144 RX-78 GP01 - Real Grade Excitement is BACK!

Something to look forward to...
I am a big fan of the Real Grade series. I really like the engineering applied on this 1/144 scale. All those details, articulation.,not to mention the parts separation. Genius! Except for the brittleness, everything looks perfect. My last RG was the 1/144 Zeta Gundam. That kit was so cool I'm actually looking forward for a second Zeta and maybe do a Karaba color scheme.

However, upon the announcement of RG Destiny Gundam, I feel like I've lost interest and I'm not really sure why. Maybe because the packaging is quite plain? The Destiny Gundam kicks ass during the days of Gundam Seed Destiny. Maybe I was expecting more gimmicks like the Extreme Blast/Burst mode? Or perhaps I'm more interested in UC mobile suits?

Nevertheless, I will still look into it, and wait for some reviews before grabbing one. On the other hand, Bandai just made an announcement for the upcoming Real Grade kit. My excitement level just went up as the images of the RX-78 GP01 came up. I can say, based on the image, that the RG GP01 will have mostly the same details as the Perfect Grade version. So it's going to be pretty cool! I'm just wondering if they will release the Full Burner add-on... worst case - RG RX-78 GP01FB as an exclusive (just like that Tallgeese II).

It will be released sometime in July 2013. So we'll have plenty of time to prepare out wallet.
Image source: Gundam Guy


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