Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Christmas Gift - WAR!

The year 2012 has been a great year (so far) for me. A year that's full of never-ending blessings and happiness, adventures, failure and victory...and I'm excited to see what will I make of 2013.
I got married to my lovely wife, moved to a new place, finally established my hobby room (with my wife of course), and the most important one will be our upcoming baby girl -- To name a few of my blessings this year.
Speaking of blessing, as I return from my exhausting day-job, I came home today and got the coolest gift I ever received. I knew my wife was planning on something but with this surprise, she totally caught me off-guard. On top of my closet I found a box wrapped in a green gift-wrap with a love letter written all over it. Sweet! Now, I know she's just a few days..or weeks away from delivering our new angel.,so I really have no idea on how she was able to sneak up and bought me something this cool.
I now bring you...the WAR!
Probably not the kind of war you may be thinking of but before that, let me show you how sweet my wife is.

Written on this side:

"To my loving husband,

Christopher Lim

Stay Happy...

Grace D Lim
Written on the other side:

To my loving husband, Christopher,

You may have everything you wanted this year or the past years, I hope that you'd appreciate the times we spent together making good (or not so good) memories, I may not be the perfect wife for you or the 'ideal' wife, I will be and I am still the "life partner" you thought of in 2008. I hope you treasure those times when we both laugh, cry & feel silent at the same time...for we all know we are going to archive those soon.
Please accept this humble gift. (Th perfect gift will come soon in a few weeks' time.) This gift somehow reminds me of how creative you are and how focused you are with your hobbies. I admire you a lot for your talent & I always look up to you for making something out of what you really want to do. Smile! I love you a lot.

Love you loads,
Gracey D.L.

Look what I got! It's the Warhammer 40K - Assault on Black Reach box!!!!


First off, I really have no knowledge on how to play these tabletop games (other than the turn-based Warhammer games I played on PSP and PC). All my wife and I love was painting these miniatures! That's it.

"There is only war."...

(There is also a lot of painting!)

The box set includes different units from Space marines and Orks faction.

(I've been longing to get my hands on that Dreadnought!)
It also includes rule books - finally I can have an overview on how this game works - some chop sticks? and that green the looks of it, that tool may be referring to measurements like distance, range, stuff like that when dealing with movements and attacks.
An Ork Warboss!!! From the looks of it I can tell that it is way bigger that the Ork Nobz!

Let's check out the contents!
There you go.,runners and rule books..

I found the Dreadnought! That's the piece on the upper right quadrant...probably twice the height of a regular space marine. The rest of the figures in this runner are the space marines.
This on the other hand has 3 replicas except for the Warboss found on the lower right portion.
I tried to make a little size comparison between an Ork Nobz (left) and the Warboss (right).

By the way, that Ork Nobz is still under work-in-progress. My wife is also working on two of these green fellas.
...hard to say on this image but the Warboss is larger than the Ork Nobz.

Next up, the books. (apologies for the images - I forgot to rotate 'em). The book on the left contains a brief guide on what an "Assault on Black reach" is all about.
The other book contains more details on the rules and point system stuff..
Here are some shots from the "Read me first" book.

..some "getting started" stuff...assembly!
..and painting.
Games Workshop...and Citadel paints.

There's also an overview on how the game works! Nice!

Plus a brief setup about the Warhammer universe. (I've been looking for a place called "Calderis"... and it's not here)

Interestingly, they also provided some information on different clans/factions and this got me interested into finding a "Chaos" space marine.
Rule book..let's see what's inside!
...probably not anymore (LOL)...these are just numbers, points and scoring system... I'm more inclined into painting so I'm going to pass on the rules...for now!
So aside from the runners and books, it also includes the figure bases (black)., and these green stuff fro measurements...

and a pair of chop sticks (not yet sure about the purpose of the red sticks)
Lastly, the water slide decals!

Sweet indeed!

I'm definitely excited to start working on the Warhammer box!

I'd like to thank my wife for the lovely gift...more importantly, for the last 4-strong years of friendship and love. Thank you for the never ending support that you gave me in this hobby. I really appreciate it. Stay happy!

To all of the fellow hobbyists our there, don't forget to spend time to thank your loved ones. We know that this hobby may cost us a lot of money and time...but we must never forget the priceless and most important ones.
Happy holidays and may the next year bring us more adventure, knowledge, plastic and paint fumes!

Let's paint! (thanks for dropping by)


Galing nito!

Congratz Gracie and Chris!


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