Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Test Build: 1/100 Gundam Kyrios

The day of the tournament closes by...

The upcoming Gundam tournament will help me towards completing my Gundam 00 collection..,as one of my entries, I'll be building the Gundam Kyrios., 1/100 scale.,

Let's start!
Here's the box art..

Arms., This part is common to all NG 1/100 Gundam 00 season 1 model kits.,especially the piece of rubber that you need to put behind the arms.

Same on the other side,.add the shoulder armor and the orange piece at the back,.

The body...(assembled without pictures..)

The Head.,

Completed upper body.,

Feet (and some "Ankle armor"). I'm a little disappointed with this., the seam line was placed right in the middle of the front ankle armor.,
How did I fixed it? See my tutorial on removing seam lines.

Legs., Majority of the armor pieces here needed some cement.,

Skirt Armor. The skirt armor was pretty straightforward., no cement needed.
I don't like the orange color underneath so I'll be painting this soon.


Weapons...err., I mean weapon.. I forgot the Beam Rifle!

And we're done!!

Kyrios and "Wave rider" mode., I like Gundams that can transform into something else. :-)

Final Assembly.,

Total Time: 16 Hours
What I like about this kit: Gundam Kyrios has good articulation and cool details.
What I do not like: Seam lines placed in the middle of armor parts.

What I'll do next:
- Undercoat
- Panel lines
- Top Coat
- Subtle weathering
- Win the Gundam model kit contest.

See you there!


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